Ephemeres them


Born in 1962 in Périgueux,

ENIA spent her childhood in northern France.

A little girl she likes to draw.

Love of art, she uses her studies in Paris

to take evening classes in drawing, charcoal, watercolor, oil, and sketches of live models.

It copies the work of artists she loves: Renoir, Modigliani ... 

At age 40, a spring night in 2002, the inspiration comes suddenly.

The evidence, the creation is imposed on it.


His works reveal to us three facets of his personality:


The first aims to humanity and spirituality.

It is expressed through his characters painted and sculpted it calls



The second shows her passion for movement and life,

with its abstract where matter and spring colors on the canvas.


The third, thanks to photography, talks about his fascination

human ingenuity and the beauty of nature.